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Wholesale ADA Signs


Are you a sign or design company in search of wholesale ADA signs? Are you and your clients tired of seeing the same old plastic signage that’s been around for 30 years? Or maybe you or your clients are involved in USGBC LEED® or ILFI® sustainable building projects.

If so, Green Dot Sign® has you covered. Not only do we have a wholesale sign program, but we also make most of our signs from certified sustainable materials.

If you are involved in Section 10 14 bidding on room identification signs for construction projects, please feel free to send us any specs your normal supplier may be finding difficult. If the drawing includes wood or stone, that’s our thing! We’d love the opportunity to work with you.


Wholesale ADA signs partners have access to exclusive pricing on our patent-pending braille signs. We cater to both large and small orders, and are able to quickly deliver signs. If this sounds like a relationship you’re interested in, we would love to be a part of your next architectural or design project.

Please download and complete our Wholesale ADA Sign Application. Send your completed application to
    Wholesale partnership qualification is based on a weighted formula determining your expertise in ADA signage. We will reply and confirm if you qualify within two business days.
    There are no fees to apply and all submitted company information is completely confidential. We will never give your data to third parties.

    We live and breathe signs. One of our founders, Simon, is even nicknamed “Sign-man”…bad joke, we know. But it is true.

    We are a nationwide provider of  ADA and wayfinding office signs. After a decade of success in a general signage business, Green Dot Sign was founded in 2019. Our innovative sign manufacturing business specializes in sustainable signs made of natural materials and our low waste 3-D printing process.

    As experienced professionals, we know what you need to win your wholesale sign projects. Through responsive and frank conversations with sign professionals, we provide exceptional customer service at every step of all orders.

    types of braille

    Absolutely. Most ADA signs we make are custom signs that support facility wayfinding or information sharing.

    We can provide custom office sign design services and collaborate to bring your vision to life, or quote signs that meet your designer’s specifications.

    Customizable office sign elements include:

    • Size and shape
    • Font color and size
    • Flat and raised printing individually and in combination
    • Wood species and stains
    • Natural stones
    • Metal accent elements

    Facility-specific sign types include:

    • FSC® 100% architectural elements
    • Wall-mounted logos
    • Directories
    • Menus
    • Slide-in room or door names and/or number signs
    • Hanging signs
    • Interior and exterior dimensional letters

    Certainly. Just email or call and we will provide a wholesale partner coupon code for use at checkout.

    ADA Sign Buy Online

    Free Sign ShippingHave you ever quoted a job, got it, and then when your parts or signs arrived there is a big shipping and handling charge? We have, and in today’s world that’s just bad business.

    If your signs fit in a 2′ x 2′ x 2′ box, ground shipping is included in our pricing. For larger signs or expedited shipping, we’ll let you know about charges upfront so that there is no confusion or buyer’s regret.

    Yes. We recommend you apply again the next calendar year for our wholesale ADA signs program.

    If you are not a signage or design company, please contact us with general questions or request custom ADA sign information.



    Green Dot Sign® is committed to our wholesale partners’ success. We work hard to earn your trust and build a lasting relationship. With your end user connections combined and our sustainability expertise, together we can make a lot of beautiful signs for a better planet.