Beautiful Signs for a Better Planet

Eco-Friendly Approach


Green Dot Sign specializes in environmentally responsible signage that can contribute to LEED® building certification credits. Our materials, manufacturing method, and recycling program reflect our commitment to produce the most sustainable ADA signs available and bring the beauty of natural materials to interior environments.


Since the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was enacted, the signage industry has almost exclusively used acrylic plastic for ADA-compliant signs. While plastic is cost-effective and chemical resistant, it is derived from fossil fuels and difficult to recycle after being made into signage.

In U.S. commercial buildings alone, at least 243 million pounds of plastic ADA-compliant signs are in use today. As existing buildings are renovated or torn down, these signs will be tossed into a landfill for future generations to deal with.

Green Dot Sign was founded to address this challenge. Our unique signs are about 99% biodegradable by weight and every Green Dot sign reduces plastic consumption by 250 grams versus a traditional ADA sign. Our innovative product is a better ADA signage option.


To learn more about Green Dot sign benefits read “The Case for Green ADA-Compliant Signage,” our White Paper researched and written by an environmental scientist.


Green Dot signs enable our customers to illustrate their commitment to sustainability and human health and well-being at every doorway. We are members of the International Living Future Institute (ILFI), Society for Experimental Graphic Design (SEGD), national U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), and USGBC Minnesota Chapter. As a permanently installed product, our signs can contribute to LEED® building certification credits. At Greenbuild in Atlanta we were honored to receive the Most Innovative – 2019 Green Exhibitor Award


Green Dot Sign uses Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) 100% certified wood in all of our ready to order ADA signs and most custom signage. Under the LEED® v4 and v4.1 Material Resources – Building Product Disclosure and Optimization (BPDO) – Sourcing of Raw Materials credit category, selection of products that have been extracted or sourced in a responsible manner is rewarded. 


Green Dot Sign has disclosed product contents and health information via a published HPD® prepared by a third party approved by HPDC. The HPD Open Standard provides a standard built environment product specification for accurate, reliable, and consistent reporting.  Under the LEED® v4 and v4.1 Material Resources – BPDO – Material Ingredients credit category, selection of products that have inventoried their chemical ingredients is rewarded. 


Green Dot Sign offers a manufacturer-based Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) program.  Recycling was a critical consideration during product development and one of the reasons we use non-toxic materials.  All signs made by Green Dot Sign are eligible for our take-back program.

Learn more about our approach to office sign recycling in the next section. 


No one likes an ugly room sign, and nearly everyone sees the inherent beauty of natural materials. Numerous studies have found that the biophilic effect of natural materials reduces stress and enhances social and cognitive functions.

Green Dot sign uses real wood. All of our ready to order ADA signs are made of aspen and coated with a blend of plant-based oils to bring out the grain and protect the wood.

Green Dot signs are made of a renewable wood base and 3D printed, non-toxic manufacturing material. The additive material used for raised ADA-required content, braille, lettering, and pictograms, is directly fused to the wood. Because no adhesive is used, printed sign content will never separate from the wood.

Green Dot Sign developed a patent pending, low-waste manufacturing technique to create our ADA-compliant signs. Wood and sawdust waste from sign blank production is biodegradable and 3D printing of raised ADA sign content creates almost no waste.

We design and make all of our signs in the USA.

To reduce our environmental impact Green Dot Sign uses cardboard boxes, paper-based filler, and paper-based tape for sign packaging and shipping.

Green Dot signs are prepared for installation via one of two methods. Our preferred method uses biodegradable wood pegs and eco-friendly caulking compound to mount a sign. Alternatively, a sign can be secured with adhesive foam tape. We hope to identify an eco-friendly foam tape soon and welcome suggestions.

When purchasing a Green Dot sign choose one of our two methods, or select no installation preparation for a sign with a blank back. Pricing does not vary based on installation method.

Detailed written instructions are shipped with our ADA signs, and an Installation Guide is available through our Resources drop down menu.

Beautiful Green Dot signs are meant to last for a long time, however, eventually every facility is remodeled.  All of our signs are eligible for our take-back program.

Recycling Green Dot Signs is Easy

First – Initiate Recycling                                                                     

Message us to say you’re ready to recycle your signs and tell us how many used signs you have.

Second – Confirm Shipping & Logistics                                             

Our staff will confirm your return, with our address, within two business days and will request shipment tracking information.               

Within two business days of your signs arriving, our staff will confirm receipt and issue a 10% credit valid for a future Green Dot Sign order.  This credit is meant to cover return shipping costs, and is in appreciation for customers’ commitment to environmentally responsible end of life cycle product handling.

Third – Smile, Your Signs are Being Recycled           

At our facility, raised braille, lettering, and pictograms are planed off the sign base and disposed of responsibly.  The wood base is shredded and recycled as animal bedding, then applied as fertilizer at a local farm.