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Technical Documents & Sign Specifications

You may not have seen anything like a Green Dot Sign®.  Unfortunately this means your sign specifications may need updating.  To make selecting beautiful, sustainable signage easy please see the signs specifications and sign BIM below.

If you prefer to talk to someone regarding sign specifications or design please email us at or contact us to schedule a time with a sign specialist.
Product Data Sheets, CSI MasterFormat 3 Part Specification

Interior ADA Sign Product Data Sheet

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ADA Signage Product Data Sheets

The exterior ADA signage product sheet applies to 10 14 15 Interior Signage and 10 14 16 Plaques as well as 10 14 67 Tactile Signage.

The interior ADA signage product sheet applies to 10 14 15 Interior Signage as well as 10 14 67 Tactile Signage.

Data sheets share information on ADA sign requirement standards and manufacturing parameters.  Over 10,000 SKUs of the most common ADA signs are available to purchase or review on our site.  To bid or schedule a free project consultation please use the form on our custom ADA signs page or shoot us an message.

CSI MasterFormat 3 Part Sign Specifications, Section 10 14 67

The CSI 3 part specification above covers both interior and exterior tactile signage, Section 10 14 67.   Please note our exterior ADA signage product may be used for Section 10 14 16 Plaques, with or without braille features.  The same lifetime warranty applies.

Signage Pricing

Our three common product lines, as reflected in the Revit Sign Family, are birch plywood in various thicknesses, FSC® 100% aspen or machined aluminum for exterior applications. 

Pricing for the FSC® 100% aspen aligns with other high quality, custom ADA signage.  The birch plywood is sometimes more, sometimes less, than other high quality, standardized ADA signs.  The exterior aluminum signs are machined from solid aluminum and guaranteed for life, and the price reflects this, costing more than most other ADA signs.  

If you are looking to maximize LEED or other building credits our flagship aspen line is the way to go; it’s FSC® 100%, has a published HPD, an Extended Producer Responsibility program and a Declare label in process.  All three lines are part of our Extended Producer Responsibility Program. 

Revit Sign Family Downloads - Signs BIM

Revit All Sign Files

The Revit family download includes our text, tactile (ADA), and pictogram signs available in our flagship aspen, birch plywood, or exterior-grade metal bases. Take advantage of our standard sizes, colors, and finishes contained within the parametric models. Customize the text to match your projects specific needs.

Apsen Base ADA Sign for Sign Specifications Page
  Apsen Base
Birch Plywood ADA Signs For Sign Specifications Page
Birch Plywood
Exterior ADA Signs for Sign Specifications Page

Please note the Revit sign families each include all three materials, while our data sheets and specs are manufacturing method based. 

If you are designing custom options using our material pallet below are the textures used in the .rfa files.  These are included in the .zip download.



revit sign family 3d view Each Green Dot Sign® is designed and manufactured with an emphasis on beauty, durability and environmental responsibility, as reflected in our sign specifications.  Though our aspen base ADA signs provide the largest LEED® contribution opportunities every sign we make is eligible for our Extended Product Responsibility program.  Beyond LEED®, we are committed to using the most biodegradable and recyclable materials possible in our signage, and will never use vinyl films, PVC sheet, foamed plastics, toxic inks, many adhesives and more.  

Transparency and Sustainability Documents