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Wall Logo – Wood Options Explained

Green Dot Sign® wall logos are made from a base of premium 1/2″ birch plywood or 0.7″ FSC® 100% aspen; choose your preference. The aspen is solid wood and supplied with a 45 degree face chamfer.  We form and finish each piece to an ultra-smooth level; it’s quality you can see and feel.

What’s the difference between the birch plywood and solid aspen option?

There are two visual differences; aspen is a touch lighter in color and the side profile for aspen is more elegant.

Home office wall logo material options

So if the wall logo will be seen from the side by prospects or collaborators the aspen may be a better option.  When on a video call there is practically no visual difference.

Last but not least, the aspen is FSC® 100% chain of custody certified while the plywood is not.

Wall Logo


Wall Logos Communicating Your Brand and Values

Typical Lead Time: 7 – 15 business days after art approval

Size: Choose 30″ wide or 40″ wide, up to 20″ and 29″ tall respectively, see below for more info

Material: 1/4″ aluminum on birch plywood or solid wood (recyclable or biodegradable)

Shipping: Ground shipping included

Artwork Instructions: Send artwork to info@greendotsign.com, including order number with email.  Files must be .pdf format with vector content.   We size the artwork and send a reply proof for approval.  Please feel free to send art before placing order for a no obligation review!

Volume Discounts: A 5% to 20% discount is automatically applied as order volume increases.

Total Price: $ 476.00


Wall Logo Height and Width Explained

Wall logos are priced by width, with 30″ and 40″ standard widths available.  After reviewing your logo dimensions we scale your the height to fit your logo, up to a max of 20″ for the 30″ width and 29″ for the 40″ width.  For example with our logo, the 30″ width looked best with a 12″ height.  This is all included in the proofing and if you would like height adjustments after review just let us know.

Wall Logo Height and Width-01

Wall Logo Piece Count Explained

In order to offer simple, fast and low pricing we two piece count options that will affect your price.  Simply count the number of individual pieces your wall logo, then choose the correct one.  For example, our logo below has 14 pieces.

wall logo piece count explained visually

For orders with over 25 pieces please reach out to us for a custom quote.

Wall Logo Purpose and Materials

Our standard wall logo sign is designed for the office or conference room.  It’s made of 1/4″ brushed aluminum lettering mechanically attached to a wood base.  The wall logo ships preassembled and ready to hang as soon you receive it.


This sign is eligible for our end of life recycling program.  When your accessible ramp to left sign needs change simply ship your signs to us and we’ll take care of the rest.

We first plane the raised sign elements off the wood base and dispose of them responsibly.  Next, the wood sign base is shredded and the wood fibers get re-used as animal bedding, then as fertilizer, and finally they return to the earth as soil.  We hope you can appreciate this is more responsible compared to the fossil fuel derived plastics used in most ADA signs.  To make it easy to participate in our product recycling program we extend a 10% Green Dot Sign® credit for the value of the returned signs.  To learn more or get started, visit our Eco-Friendly Approach page and expand the “recycling” section at the bottom.

Wall Logo – Hardware Options

Choose from three hardware options for your aluminum and wood wall logos.

“Plain” comes with no hardware.  “French cleat” comes with a sturdy aluminum cleat attached to the sign, and one for installation to the wall.  Simply hang the loose cleat on your wall, then place the sign over it.  The wall logo can then be adjusted a few inches right or left for optimum placement.  “Aluminum stand offs” are four simple stand offs like what is pictured below.  They are 1/2″ x 1/2″ and useful for installing to uneven walls, concrete or similar situations.

wall logo stand off hardware

See the video below for additional direction on hanging your sign with French cleats.

Wall Logo using French Cleats

Choose the color that fits your handicap accessible ramp to the left sign best!  To see our real colors and get a sample you can hold and touch before ordering, just visit our sample sign page.

  • Beautiful contrast from real wood and aluminum
  • Classy and professional effect of 3D company logos
  • No need for professional sign installation because your logo elements are come assembled
  • Super precise letter alignment that can only come factory direct
  • Easy to hang in a different location as your needs change
  • Wood tone background goes with just about any office décor
  • Aspen wood base is US grown and processed FSC® 100% timber
  • Direct fused non-toxic printing
  • Beveled wood edges and ultra-fine sanded finish
  • Wood is sealed with natural plant oils, no heavy metals, no plastic coatings
  • Reduce plastic demand, sequester carbon, promote responsible forestry
  • End of life return-for-credit policy insures responsible disposal and wood fiber re-use
  • Bring the beauty of nature to your interior space

Many buildings have signs in different styles, often made by different companies at different times.  Our aspen based standard ADA signs have consistent style so your whole office, store, facility or campus will look professional and uniform.  This means that if you already have our standard signs in place, you can add this accessible ramp to left sign and know it will look like it was always there.  

As with all our products, every business decision we make about this sign, from production equipment and raw materials, to packaging and production location are weighted to produce both beautiful signs and a positive societal impact.  We incorporate costs, durability & visual appeal with sustainability, biodiversity and fossil fuel use reduction to move forward with our goal of beautiful signs for a better planet.

Green Dot Sign® is a small business and we know every time you spend money, getting a return on that investment matters.  Our ADA signs are unique.  We know they are not right for every business but for most they will deliver a much better ROI then our competitors.  To learn more about why this ramp to left sign is a smart investment for your business, building or brand feel free to check out the video below.


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