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This ADA compliant vote sign encourages individuals to vote.


Vote Sign – FSC® 100%


Encourage Participation our Democracy with a Vote Sign

Lead Time: 2 – 3 business days

Size: 4″ tall x 7.25″ wide

Volume Discounts: Discount percentage is based on total sign quantity ordered. Sign designs do not need to be the same for discount to be applied.

Free standard UPS ground shipping for the lower 48 and USPS for AK and HI is included in pricing.

Total sign quantity: 2 5% discount
Total sign quantity: 3-9 7.5% discount
Total sign quantity: 10-19 10% discount
Total sign quantity: 20-24 15% discount
Total sign quantity: 25+ 20% discount


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Vote Sign Purpose and Materials

Most vote signs are yard signs, made from cheap, non-biodegradable polypropylene plastic.  Polypropylene is in recycling stream 5, but if the plastic is not marked recycling centers will not take it.  When was the last time you saw a voting sign marked with a recycling stream?  In addition, polypropylene is not biodegradable.  This means that vote signs end up in the bottom of a landfill, not exposed to the UV rays and temperature shifts that help it eventually break down.  I ain’t talking about politics…but most vote signs make a big mess for future generations to deal with.

Not a Green Dot Sign®.

We offer a classy, sustainable and non-partisan vote sign.  The wood is certified sustainable FSC® 100% aspen.  Our inks are long lasting, up to 5 years outside, but still non toxic.  Add to that the natural beauty of real wood and we are proud to offer this beautiful, sustainable vote sign. Made in the USA from USA grown trees, delivering value to rural communities and forestlands.

We often hear that the US has low voter turnout compared to other countries, but it is more complicated then that.  We have good to high voter turnout for registered voters compared to other developed countries but a remarkably low ratio of registered voters to eligible voters.   Learn more here.  We recommend every business, church, not-for-profit and similar have information on how to register out and available for every person who walks through their doors.  The more we vote the stronger will be and maybe we can keep the far fringe groups from dominating our political voices.

Vote Sign Install Options

This vote is available with four different backers, the first being no prep on our part.  The foam tape option comes already applied, so you can hang the sign easily. The 4 peg option ships with a template. You tape the template to a surface, drill where indicated and install the sign with silicone glue. Detailed directions are here.

Lastly, the tabletop is a useful offering, please see the image for more information.  standing sign, counter top









If you need a sign that we don’t offer, check out our online custom text signs. You can type in whatever you want so you get the sign you need fast. The content proofs on screen so you can review and click order in less than one minute. Ain’t technology grand?

  • Interior sign with rich black lettering
  • Aspen wood base, U.S. grown and processed FSC® 100% timber
  • Direct fused to wood with no adhesive
  • Beveled wood edges and ultra-fine sanded finish
  • Wood is sealed with natural plant oils, no heavy metals, no plastic coatings
  • Reduces plastic demand, sequesters carbon & promotes responsible forestry
  • End of life return-for-credit policy ensures responsible disposal and wood fiber re-use
  • Bring the beauty of nature to your interior space

Green Dot Sign® is a small business and we know every time you spend money, getting a return on that investment matters. Our signs are unique. We know they are not right for every business but for most, they will deliver a much better ROI than our competitors. To learn more about why this vote sign is a smart investment for your business, building or brand, feel free to check out the video below.


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