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Use this sign installation kit to install your ADA compliant signs

Sign Installation Kit


Make ADA Sign Installation Easy!

Our interior office sign installation kit has all the little stuff you need to install many room and door ADA signs. We tested and approved AFM’s caulking compound.  It’s the most eco-friendly silicone product we could find that gets the job done.

For information on how we recommend using the items in this sign installation kit, check out our room sign installation guide.

Kit contains:

  • 1 standard chuck 5/16” drill bit
  • 1 tube of AFM Safecoat caulking (requires caulking gun)
  • 1 roll of painters tape
  • several spare install sheets

Please note this kit is offered as a convenience to our customers.  Since the low price can’t justify shipping it across the country, and we are committed to free shipping, this item is available as an add on item only.

Total Price: $ 32


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