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One person at a time sign




Crisp, clear, non toxic printing

No More Than One Person At A Time Sign – FSC® 100%


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Lead Time: 2 – 3 business days

Size: 7.25″ tall x 9.25″ wide

Volume Discounts:  A 5% to 20% discount is automatically applied at check out as volume increases.

Shipping:  Ground shipping included

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No More Than One Person At A Time  Sign Purpose and Materials

This One Person At A Time Sign balances the need for consistent messaging to inspire confidence by your clients with your desire for an attractive, professional appearance. The sign is made from FSC® 100% wood, the most rigorous forest management certification available. Your purchase delivers value to this forest land ensuring it stays forested.

For more health safety information please see the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and your state guidelines. As we all open again after the coronavirus, many cities have passed regulations requiring PPE and additional precautions in stores and businesses. We hope this sign will help as you manage safety, personnel, and clients.

This sign is 7.25″ tall and 9.25″ wide with easy to read 1″ tall letters. Using aspects of our patent-pending 3D printing technology, the printing is super crisp, befitting any business mindful of appearance.

As with all our products, every business decision we make about this One Person At A Time Sign, from production equipment and raw materials, to packaging and production location are weighted to produce both beautiful signs and a positive societal impact. We incorporate costs, durability & visual appeal with sustainability, biodiversity, and fossil fuel use reduction to move forward with our goal of beautiful signs for a better planet.

Sign Install Options

This sign is available with four different backers, the first being no prep on our part. The foam tape option comes already applied, so you can hang the sign easily. The 4 peg option ships with a template. You tape the template to a surface, drill where indicated and install the sign with silicone glue. Detailed directions are here.

Lastly, the tabletop is a new offering, please see the image for more information.  standing sign, counter top









If you need a COVID sign that we don’t offer, check out our online custom text signs. You can type in whatever you want so you get the sign you need fast. The content proofs on screen so you can review and click order in less than one minute. Ain’t technology grand?

This period of time is hard. We know not everyone can afford to purchase a professionally made sign right now. In case it can help anyone we have made all designs free to download here. The files are all .pdfs so they are easily printable on standard office equipment and across platforms.

  • Interior sign with rich black lettering and white highlights
  • Aspen wood base, U.S. grown and processed FSC® 100% timber
  • Direct fused to wood with no adhesive
  • Beveled wood edges and ultra-fine sanded finish
  • Wood is sealed with natural plant oils, no heavy metals, no plastic coatings
  • Reduces plastic demand, sequesters carbon & promotes responsible forestry
  • End of life return-for-credit policy ensures responsible disposal and wood fiber re-use
  • Bring the beauty of nature to your interior space

Many buildings have signs in different styles, often made by different companies at different times.  Our aspen based standard ADA signs have consistent style so your whole office, store, facility or campus will look professional and uniform.  This means that if you already have our standard signs in place, you can add this One Person at a Time sign and know it will look like it was always there.

For custom orders or high volume orders please contact us here or give us a call anytime.  Thank you for considering Green Dot Sign®.


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