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Exterior Mens Restroom Sign, ADA Compliant


Identify and Direct with Exterior Mens Restroom Signage

Lead Time: 1 – 20 business days

Size: 9″ tall x 6″ wide

Volume Discounts:  A 5% to 20% discount is automatically applied at check out as volume increases.

Shipping:  Ground shipping included

Total Price: $ 144.00


Exterior Mens Restroom Sign Purpose and Materials

An exterior mens restroom signs from Green Dot Sign® is the toughest cost effective ADA sign available.  Even better, we make them from easily recyclable materials so their end of life as a sign is just a step in their journey of usefulness.  Typical ADA signs are made from fossil fuel derived plastics and due to pigments, adhesives and paints they are not recyclable.  This means most signs you see may look nice now, but they have a whole lot of ugly behind and ahead of them.

ADA compliant tactile signage like this exterior mens’ restroom sign are required for every room or space of a public building, the ADA Standards.  This means if your facility has rooms accessible from the outside they must be marked with tactile signage.  The most common examples are outdoor restroom signs for parks, zoos, swimming pools, sport facilities and similar venues.

This sign uses the modified International Symbol of Accessibility (ISA). The newer, modified ISA is required in all of New York and Connecticut, optional in most of other places, and preferred in some.  To buy an exterior mens restroom sign with the original ISA please click here.

This sign is eligible for our end of life recycling program.  When your exterior mens restroom sign needs change simply ship your signs to us and we’ll take care of the rest.  This includes removing any gunk that may prevent recycling.  To learn more or get started, visit our Eco-Friendly Approach page and expand the “recycling” section at the bottom.

If you do not require exterior grade restroom signage please click here for our other bathroom sign options.

  • Exterior sign with ADA compliant letters, braille and pictograms
  • 5052 aluminum tested per ASTM-B209 standards
  • CNC machined raised features
  • Automotive grade exterior paint
  • Background color has slight sand texture
  • Reduce plastic demand, sequester carbon, promote recycling and sustainable design
  • End of life return-for-credit policy insures responsible material recycling
  • American made & precision crafted
  • Paint adhesion tested per ASTM-B117-95 & J2527 per SAE J1960

Many buildings have signs in different styles, often made by different companies at different times.  This ends up looking haphazard and unprofessional.  Green Dot Sign® solves this problem by providing beautiful, thoughtfully designed sign products with commonized materials and processes.  This means that if you need to add a new exterior ADA sign 4 years, the color or material will be the same as the first on you ordered.  This is true of our interior ADA signs as well.  Since we control all pigments in house, rather then purchasing pigmented sheet from outside manufacturers, no other sign company can make this assurance.  

As with all our products, every business decision we make about this sign, from production equipment and raw materials, to packaging and production location are weighted to produce both beautiful signs and a positive societal impact.  We incorporate costs, durability & visual appeal with sustainability, biodiversity and fossil fuel use reduction to move forward with our goal of beautiful signs for a better planet.

How do I install my outdoor ADA sign?

To install your exterior ADA sign, first ensure the location meets ADA sign requirements then tape install template to wall.  Drill through the for template at the four stud points.  Your sign comes with non-corroding studs and tapped holes on the back.  Hand tighten the studs into the holes.  Apply eco-friendly caulking compound or store bought silicone to the studs and make a small circle of compound on back of sign.  Press into holes then install your next sign!

How to install an exterior ada sign tapped hole and stud for exterior ada sign






Due to temperature fluctuations and moisture intrusion exterior signage should never rely on adhesives.

The video below illustrates how to install and if you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Custom Exterior Grade ADA Signage

In addition to standard exterior restroom signs offered online, we produce a range of custom exterior ADA signs as well.  Common examples are mechanical rooms accessed from the outside.  These products are also often used as plaques, without braille.  Plaques carry the same lifetime warranty and often come with rosettes for installation.  If your company is interested in any of these options for exterior ADA signs please contact us or use the form on our custom ADA signs page.

Exterior ADA signs and metal plaques are available in other materials, most notably bronze.  Typically the cost for bronze is around twice that of aluminum, making aluminum the most common outdoor ADA sign option.

Our custom exterior grade ADA signage and plaques always have a single background color.  However, it can be any paint color you desire.  Note a high contrast is required by the ADA and we are here to help you navigate that requirement.

Green Dot Sign® is a small business and we know every time you spend money, getting a return on that investment matters.  Our ADA signs are unique.  We know they are not right for every business but for most they will deliver a much better ROI then our competitors.  To learn more about why this exterior mens restroom sign is a smart investment for your business, building or brand feel free to check out the video below.


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