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  • Eco-friendly ADA braille wood sign using 3D printing that says “All gender restroom
  • Braille Office Door Sign - Bathroom Sign

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All Gender Restroom Sign, Accessible, Using Modified ISA – FSC® 100%


ADA-Compliant Restroom or Bathroom Signage

Lead Time: 5 – 7 business days

Size: 9.25″ tall x 7.25″ wide

Standard UPS ground shipping for the lower 48 and USPS for AK and HI is included in our pricing.

Volume Discounts: Discount percentage is based on total sign quantity ordered. Sign designs do not need to be the same for discount to be applied.

Total sign quantity: 2 5% discount
Total sign quantity: 3-9 7.5% discount
Total sign quantity: 10-19 10% discount
Total sign quantity: 20-24 15% discount
Total sign quantity: 25+ 20% discount


Total Price: $ 82.00


All Gender Restroom Sign Purpose and Materials

Accessible restroom signs or bathroom signs are a common ADA-compliant sign. Not only do we all need to use them, but as a permanent room, they are required to be identified with signs detailed in §703 of the 2010 ADA standards. Accessible all-gender restroom signs like this are generally used in lower volume, single-stall facilities.

This ADA-compliant All Gender Restroom sign should only be used to mark men’s or women’s toilets that meet the accessible restroom requirements in §603 of the 2010 ADA standards. If your bathrooms do not meet the ADA accessible bathing room requirements, please visit our all-gender restroom signs page for options that will fit your needs. We offer both the standard and modified version of the ISA for all signs.

Additionally, this All Gender Restroom sign uses the newer, modified International Symbol of Accessibility (ISA). We prefer the new ISA (It is required in New York and Connecticut). Outside of NY and CT, check if it is okay to use the active person in a wheelchair pictogram with your local building inspector.

This sign is eligible for our end of life recycling program. When your All Gender Restroom sign needs change, simply ship your signs to us and we’ll take care of the rest.

We first plane the raised sign elements off the wood base and dispose of them responsibly. Next, the wood sign base is shredded and the wood fibers get re-used as animal bedding, then as fertilizer, and finally, they return to the earth as soil. We hope you can appreciate this is more responsible compared to the fossil fuel-derived plastics used in most ADA signs. To make it easy to participate in our product recycling program, we extend a 10% Green Dot Sign® credit for the value of the returned signs. To learn more or get started, visit our Eco-Friendly Approach page and expand the “recycling” section at the bottom.

Choose the color that fits your All Gender Restroom sign best! To see our real colors and get a sample you can hold and touch before ordering, just visit our sample sign page.

  • Interior sign with ADA-compliant letters, braille, and pictograms
  • Aspen wood base, U.S. grown and processed FSC® 100% timber
  • Direct fused 3D printed thermo-set acrylic raised features
  • Beveled wood edges and ultra-fine sanded finish
  • Wood is sealed with natural plant oils, no heavy metals, no plastic coatings
  • Reduce plastic demand, sequester carbon, promote responsible forestry
  • End of life return-for-credit policy ensures responsible disposal and wood fiber re-use
  • Bring the beauty of nature to your interior space

Many buildings have signs in different styles, often made by different companies at different times. Our aspen based standard ADA signs have consistent style so your whole office, store, facility or campus will look professional and uniform. This means that if you already have our standard signs in place, you can add this accessible All Gender Restroom sign and know it will look like it was always there.

As with all our products, every business decision we make about this sign, from production equipment and raw materials to packaging and production location, is weighted to produce both beautiful signs and a positive societal impact. We incorporate costs, durability & visual appeal with sustainability, biodiversity, and fossil fuel use reduction to move forward with our goal of beautiful signs for a better planet.

Green Dot Sign® is a small business and we know every time you spend money, getting a return on that investment matters. Our ADA signs are unique. We know they are not right for every business but for most, they will deliver a much better ROI than our competitors. To learn more about why this All Gender Restroom sign is a smart investment for your business, building, or brand, feel free to check out the video below.


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