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Our kit contains all the small stuff needed to securely mount 4-peg ADA-compliant signs to textured or standard walls. The wood peg installation method is eco-friendly and our preferred mounting approach.

Green Dot Sign also offers a foam tape installation method. While this approach does not use a drill, it is more secure to use silicone in conjunction with foam tape to attach signs to a wall.

How to Install ADA Door Signs

Your sign will arrive prepared to be installed based on the 4-peg or sign grade foam tape selection you make while ordering. Additionally, your sign will come with 4-peg or foam tape installation method instructions. Wood peg signs will also come with an installation pattern.

In case you would to review reference document prior to ordering our Sign Installation page contains instructions and downloadable patterns.

To Mount a 4-Peg ADA Sign, Gather These Tools:
  • Drill
  • 5/16” drill bit (part of our installation kit)
  • Silicone (eco-friendly silicone is also part of our installation kit)
  • Measuring tape and level
  • Low tack tape, such as painter’s tape (included in installation kit) Test low tack tape on an inconspicuous part of your wall to be sure it doesn’t remove paint. If necessary, sign installation pattern can be held by hand.

Our Install ADA Signs Like A Pro blog article details tools that ease installation, and the value of developing a written ADA-sign plan.

Where to Hang ADA-Compliant Signs

The ADA specifies that wall signs must be mounted so that the bottom line of braille is at least 48 inches high and raised characters are at most 60 inches high. Wall mounted signs must also be centered in the 18 inch horizontal space immediately next to the door. When there is not enough wall space, use the nearest adjacent wall.

Please review our ADA Sign Guide for an instructional graphic, additional information, exceptions based on specific door types.