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The Coronavirus, or COVID-19, has brought normal operations at restaurants, clinics, offices, and other workplaces to a halt in the U.S. and internationally.  As American business and workplaces implement their phased reopening plans clear communication is critical. To show that your organization prioritizes safety and follows Center for Disease Control (CDC) and state guidelines, Green Dot Sign® has developed a new facilities signage product line, COVID-19 Safety Signs.


As you reopen and implement health and safety measures, consider what safety messages to share with visitors and staff and where COVID-19 signage should be posted.

Thank you for wearing face masks sign, standing

All of our COVID-specific signs are available in either a table top version,
like the image above, or foam tape backing for wall, window or doors.

Visitor COVID-19 Safety Guidance Signs

Building visitors should receive clear guidance about social distancing, face masks, health screening, hand sanitizing expectations immediately upon entering a building.  To control the spread of the Coronavirus your business may want to use a sign to specify the visitors must make an appointment and should not enter if they are sick. Additionally, if facilities entry procedures have changed, wayfinding signage should indicate that only a specific door is open.

Finally, it will make customers more comfortable if they know that your business values the health of its staff and clients and has a re-opening plan.  Increase visitors’ confidence that safety precautions are being taken by posting COVID-19 signage.

Staff COVID-19 Safety Requirements Signs

Employers also need to specify how their team should act within their workplace to stop the virus spread.  Employees should receive clear guidance about social distancing, face masks, health screenings, hand sanitizing expectations via multiple communicate methods. On a daily basis they will benefit from seeing the same signs as visitors at facilities entrances.

Signage meant for specifically for staff often provides additional details and is placed throughout an office.  For example in restrooms signs may state that hands should be washed for 20 seconds or that no more than two people should be in the restroom at a time. Other signage may establish temperature screening and cleaning requirements.  It doesn’t hurt to remind employees to wipe down a communal space after use or to cover their mouth when they cough.

Home or Residential Health & Safety COVID-19 Signs

Clear signage is also useful in many residential settings.  As states reopen, individuals and families will make varied social distancing choices.  For those with complex medical needs a sign to communicate your boundaries and instructions for delivery people is valuable.

Finally, during this pandemic, we can not thank our healthcare workers enough for their hard work and commitment. A sign can be posted to express gratitude and support during this trying time.


We know not everyone can afford to buy a professional sign.  Especially not right now.  We are making all COVID-specific office sign designs available to download and print here.  Files are .pdfs so they work on typical office equipment and across platforms.  Good luck!


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