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Exterior restrooms signs are a tricky part of ADA sign packages.  Exterior grade plastics exist and some ADA sign manufacturers stock them.  However, the adhesives and mix of materials used to make signage often result in poor performance when exposed to the temperature and humidity swings of the outdoors.  This means that for most outdoor ADA bathrooms signs, you’ll be lucky to get 3 – 5 years.

Enter Green Dot Exterior ADA Restroom Signs

We are committed to making sustainable, responsible, signage so using plastics as the main inputs for signage was just plain not going to happen.  Instead, we utilize 100% infinitely recyclable metals.

Each exterior restroom sign is machined from a single piece of solid metal.  This means there is no adhesive to fail or layers for moisture intrusion.  To achieve ADA required contrast ratios each sign has a distinct background color while the lettering and/or pictograms are a natural metal color.

The background is automotive grade exterior paints.

Best of all, our exterior ADA bathroom signs come with a lifetime warranty.  Click below for more.

ADA signage lifetime warranty

Additional Exterior Restroom Sign Options

Most our production is custom.  Have an idea of what you want?  Please use the form on our custom ADA signs page to provide us any information and get started.