Beautiful Signs for a Better Planet


Wall logos are an expected part of professional business.  From reception areas to conference rooms, a well made custom wall logo communicates permanence and professionalism.

With the wide spread use of video calls and virtual meetings, wall logos are now hung on home office walls as well.  This way while people are looking at the screen, your organizations logo is present and continuously building your brand.

Typical wall logos are made from fossil fuel derived, non-biodegradable plastics such as acrylic or vinyl.  This means they use up non-renewable resources and then they will live “forever” in a landfill.  They may look nice now, but there’s a whole lot of ugly behind and ahead of them.

What are Green Dot Sign® Wall Logos made from?

Green Dot Sign® wall logos, like all our signs, are made entirely from biodegradable, recyclable and non-toxic materials.  Our mission is to make sustainable signage the product of choice for everyone.

Our full color video call wall logos use solid FSC® 100% aspen or baltic birch plywood as the base, 100% bio-based oils for the wood sealer with no heavy metals (it’s even food safe), non-toxic inks (see our HPD for chemical content) and recyclable or biodegradable install hardware.

Green Dot Sign® metal and wood wall logos have the same wooden base options as our smaller video call wall logo.  We machine your logo elements from aluminum and clear coat them.  Then we assemble your logo using all recyclable fasteners so at end of life, the product is 100% biodegradable or recyclable.

What conference room or home office is not complete without a wall logo sign? Choose from several options to insure your brand is represented well for meetings, whether in person or virtual.



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