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Identify Accessible Bathrooms with Eco-Friendly Braille Signs

Handicap accessible restroom signs should only be used to mark bathrooms that meet requirements defined §603 – 610 of the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design.  For bathrooms that are not accessible as legally defined, please go to our general restroom sign page to view our many options.

For those renovating their mens’ restroom, please consider adding low water-use urinals.  According to the EPA a typical office building could save 26,000 gallons or more per year if it switched to new, low water-use urinals.  If every building made this improvement, imagine what we could do with those resources!

Please note many of our accessible bathroom or restroom signs use the newer, modified International Symbol of Accessibility (ISA or person in a wheelchair pictogram).  While we prefer the new ISA, and it is required in NY and CT, please give your local building inspector a call to be sure it’s okay to use this symbol outside in your area.

Order a Sample – Color Selection & Quality

Within our sub-category product pages there are 13 colors of content and braille to choose from. Additionally, a clear braille option is available. Colors can appear differently on computer screens than they do in-person. To be sure your signs meet expectations, we suggest ordering a Green Dot Sign sample!

Our sample sign is handcrafted in Minnesota with the same machinery and processes as our Ready to Order ADA signs. Sample signs are our most common 7.25″ by 9.25″ size. They are made of aspen from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, have a beveled edge, and contain 3D non-toxic printed content. The front of samples has a random pictogram with lettering and braille in one of our 13 standard colors. The sample back shows all of our standard 13 colors in both letters and a raised square.

Holding a high-quality Green Dot Sign product will make you appreciate its unique beauty. Selecting a 3D printed color within your interior environment will ensure you are pleased with your choice for years to come.