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Green Signs


Green Dot Sign® specializes in green signs, focusing on ADA and custom office signage. This means that at every step of the way—from materials selection to installation to end-of-life—we make the best choices for our planet and customers. The result is naturally beautiful room and door signs that better the life of building occupants.



green signs, green signage, green wall signage, green building signageGreen signs are made of recyclable and biodegradable earth-friendly materials. Although many companies advertise their plastic signs as “green” signs, that claim is far from the truth for two main reasons.

First, most plastic signs are made from mixtures of different types of plastic. Colorful plastic sign elements, such as lettering and coating, require different physical and monetary characteristics than lightweight, hidden sign cores. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to separate and recycle mixed plastics at the end of their functional life.

Second, even if separation is possible, locating compatible recycling facilities and delivering your plastic signage there are two extra unnecessary efforts. Because most recycling plants will not accept mixed plastics, many consumers will simply toss their signs in the trash rather than spending time doing research and arranging and paying for shipping.

Unlike plastic signs, our green building signs are 99% biodegradable and renewable. To make it easier to recycle, at the end of their functional life we encourage you to send Green Dot Sign® products back us. Not only will we dispose of your green signs responsibly with our in-house recycling program, but also we will extend a 10% Green Dot Sign® credit for the value of the returned signs.

Check our our sustainable signs page for more details on our earth-friendly and responsible business practices. For green building signage specification documentation for your next project, see our AEC page.

Green wall signs and green building signs from Green Dot Sign® indicate to your employees, customers, and neighbors that your are investing in a healthy future.


Since the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was enacted, the signage industry has almost exclusively used acrylic plastic for ADA-compliant signs. While plastic seems cost-effective upfront, its association with fossil fuels and recycling difficulty exponentially increases its expense in the long run.

In U.S. commercial buildings alone, at least 243 million pounds of plastic ADA signs are in use today. While this is excellent in promoting accessibility, as existing buildings are renovated or torn down, these signs will be tossed into a landfill and become an unfair burden for future generations.

Green Dot Sign® was founded to address this challenge.


Because our green office signs are made of real, responsibly harvested FSC® wood, they are about 99% biodegradable and renewable by weight. Additionally, every green sign reduces plastic consumption by 250 grams compared to a traditional ADA sign.


To learn more about Green Dot Sign® ecological benefits and the sources behind our claims, read “The Case for Green ADA-Compliant Signage,” our White Paper researched and written by an independent environmental scientist.


green signage, green signs, green building signage, green wall signage

Why have plastic that looks like wood when you can have the real thing? Instead of using printed faux wood or hiding real wood veneer behind plastic, Green Dot Sign® eliminates the unnecessary plastics.  Today, a real wood base supports non-toxic 3D printed lettering, braille, and pictograms o our green signs.

Green Dot room and door signs enable customers to bring the beauty of natural materials indoors. Studies show that the biophilic effect of natural materials reduces stress, increases productivity, and enhances social and cognitive functions.

In today’s sustainability-conscious market, investing in green wall signage pays off. From residential buildings to office spaces, people will pay more for green signs and other eco-conscious décor. 

At every doorway, environmentally responsible green building signage displays your commitment to our planet as well as human health and well-being. 

A wide selection of our ready to order ADA signs is made of FSC® aspen or birch plywood and coated with plant-based oils to bring out the natural grain and protect the wood for years to come.

Green Custom Signs

We produce custom signs from a variety of sustainable materials such as metal, glass, wood, and reclaimed products. From graphics to size, every element of our green signage can be modified to meet your unique needs.

Green Graphic Signs

From pictograms to company logos, the possibilities with Green Dot Sign are endless. Feel free to browse our ready-to-order collection or request your own custom green signs.

green signs, green signage, green wall signage, green building signage

Beautiful Green Dot signs are meant to last for a long time. Eventually, however, every facility is remodeled. Fortunately for and the planet, all of our green signs are eligible for take-back as part of our Extended Producer Responsibility Program (EPR).

green signs, green signage, green wall signage, green building signage

Upon being shipped back to us, raised braille, lettering, and pictograms are planed off the sign base and disposed of responsibly.  The wood base is shredded and recycled as animal bedding, then applied as fertilizer at a local farm.

To make the recycling process easier, you will also receive a 10% Green Dot Sign® credit for the value of the returned signs.

Go to our Green Buildings and LEED page for more on our end of life signage recycling program.

green signs, green signage, green wall signage, green building signageA wood base and 3D printed non-toxic manufacturing material forms the foundation of our green wall signage. The remainder of our green signage uses recyclable materials like metal or reused products.

Recently, our patent-pending green signage material was accepted into the Material ConneXion database. To receive this honor, a material must be unique, sustainable, and innovative. Green Dot Sign® is proud to be the first signage company to achieve this honor.

Our innovative additive material used for raised ADA required braille, lettering, and pictograms is directly fused to the wood. Because no adhesive is used, the printed sign content will never separate from the wood, even after years of use.

Our wooden green wall signage is backed by a 5-year warranty and our metal signage is guaranteed for life!

Visit our Green Buildings and LEED page to learn more about our responsible sourcing of raw materials and material ingredients.

green signs, green signage, green wall signage, green building signageA decade of success in a traditional sign and graphics business made us fully realize the negative impacts of plastic-based facilities signage. We realized that it was time to make green signs, starting with ADA compliant signs.

With intensive trial and error, we developed our patent pending, low-waste manufacturing technique.

All of our wooden green signage is handcrafted on site and our metal signage is sourced from a trusted sustainable partner. Each of our signs is carefully verified to meet customer expectations and be free from flaws.

Additionally, we take care to incorporate responsible disposal at every stage of the green sign production process. Wood and sawdust waste from sign blank production is biodegradable and 3D printing of raised ADA compliant signage content creates almost no waste.

We strive for transparency across the whole life of our products, from cradle to grave. Check out our sign specifications page for more details and feel free to contact us with any questions about our green sign process.

To reduce our environmental impact, Green Dot Sign® uses cardboard boxes, paper-based filler, starch packaging peanuts, and paper-based tape for sign packaging and shipping.

For each order, we aim to reduce the materials used in shipping, packaging our products to arrive safely as efficiently as possible.

All standard sized sign orders ship for free to U.S. destinations via UPS ground shipping for the 48, and USPS for HI and AK.

And a tip for all the parents out there—the starch peanuts can make really fun craft projects for 3+ year olds.  If they dip the end in water they will stick to each other and paper or cardboard base so you can make a huge sculpture.  After use, they can be composted. Make it fun to reuse and recycle!

sustainable signs and how to hang themGreen Dots’ green wall signs are prepared for installation via one of two methods.

Our preferred method uses biodegradable wood pegs and eco-friendly caulking compound to mount a sign. Alternatively, a sign can be secured with adhesive foam tape. 

When purchasing a Green Dot Sign®, you will have the option to choose one of our two methods or select no preparation for a sign with a blank back. Pricing does not vary based on installation method.

Detailed written instructions are shipped with our ADA signs, and a comprehensive Installation Guide is available through our Resource Center menu. Of course, we are always available for you to ask us any questions.

To ensure that green signage meets your unique project needs, Green Dot Sign® offers ready-to-order and custom signage ranging from $15 to $500. From low-profile office signs to specialty designs, we have options to match your style and budget.

Green Custom Signs

Green Dot Sign® is happy to quote your custom green building signage ideas and provide collaborative design services. Check our our custom signs page for inspiration.

green signs, green signage, green building signage, green wall signage