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Live Edge Wood Room Number Signs

Room Number Signs Made of Live Edge Wood

Live edge wood signs are a unique way to bring nature into your office interior.

What is live edge wood?

Live edge wood keeps one or more edges of a piece of lumber unfinished so you see the grain and shape of the wood just as it was under the bark.  From an aesthetic perspective this increases the natural feel of a piece of furniture, or in our case, a facility signs.

Here is a piece of live edge of timber:

Live Edge walnut used to make a room sign

This is live edge walnut, resting on top of the S4S aspen we use for most Green Dot signs.  Note the bark is still attached for some of the length.

We purchase live edge wood from lumber yards in the Twin Cities, taking care to ensure they fit the particular needs of a client’s sign package.  Common criteria are wood thickness, which edge(s) will be live, grain and knot patterning, tightness of grain and the availability of enough wood to complete a signage project uniformly.  I prefer choosing the left side of a sign as the live edge because this is where the eye is drawn and it creates a “soft” visual landing.

When making room and directional signs, we may be able to utilize only 50% of a given piece of wood for raised braille signage due to 3D printed braille limitations.  We can use remaining wood for wayfinding signs or directories.  During project launch the other criteria we set with clients are size and color of number/text copy, live edge wood species and location of numbers/text on signs.  We suggest having the sign blank height and number/text copy location be uniform on each piece, and let the wood guide the rest.

Here is a photo of a finished room number sign made from the piece of timber pictured above:

Live Edge Room Number Sign by Green Dot Sign

And close ups so you can see the grain and transition point from live edge to planed office sign face.

Room Number sign close up - by Green Dot Sign         Wood live edge change by Green Dot Sign






Live edge room signs are a unique, modern option for the following clients:
  • Businesses or buildings utilizing other biophilic elements
  • Facilities with 1 – 50’ish rooms per wing or floor, so we can ensure uniformity per area
  • Brands or buildings that are earth friendly
  • Clients desiring a unique interior presence
  • Interior designers wanting a calming element

If you’re interested in live edge signage send a message via the Custom Sign Form and we’ll be in touch!