Beautiful Signs for a Better Planet

Can a Green Door Sign Help Save the Planet?

Green Office Door Signs Positively Impacting Our Planet


Given the complexity of our climate crisis, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and question if small improvements can make a difference.  Simon and I have wondered if environmentally friendly office signs are a drop in the bucket and worth the effort – to ourselves and our family –  relative to the scope of climate change and even green buildings.

Inspiration from the USGBC Conference

Artice - Impact of Climate Crisis

In the depths of this nagging thought, inspiring perspectives shared at the 2019 U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) Midwest IMPACT Conference in Saint Paul, Minnesota could not have come at a better time. The most valuable, yet unanticipated, benefit of attending the IMPACT Conference was the message that the climate crisis is real and small actions are better than none.

Keynote speaker, Zaria Forman awed and moved USGBC conference attendees with art that tells the story of climate change. Forman has travelled with NASA and worked with National Geographic in the Antarctic, Greenland, and Arctic Canada. Woven amidst the intimate details of her family’s global exploration, Zaria shared amazing photos and pastel art images. Her images are so realistic it is easy to forget that they are not photographs. Seriously, if you have just a few minutes, or are stuck in the can-anything-make-a-difference duldrums, check out her website or talk on YouTube. Her message about the dramatic impact the climate crisis is already having helped us to understand that all environmentally beneficial actions are worthwhile.

Silly Little Door Signs

Building upon our past sign industry and marketing experience, the best action Simon and I can take is to produce and sell sustainable braille office signs.  While signs are a small building component, they are placed at every doorway and are highly visible. Every time a client or staff member walk through a doorway and sees an eco-friendly sign it’s a reminder that an organization cares about the environment and walks-the-walk, not just talks-the-talk.

Maybe a Green Dot sign steers an organization’s creative energy in a greener direction.

Maybe a Green Dot sign pushes purchasing decisions, on much bigger things than ADA signage, to a sustainable option.

Maybe a door sign can change the world after all!

FSC Wood Used in our Door Signs to Preserve ForestsSustainable Signage - 99% Biodegradable & RenewableGreen Dot Sign uses 250 grams less plastic per sign