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Free COVID-19 Signs, Files to Download and Print

Free COVID-19 Health and Safety Signs

As we tentatively get back to work safety is on everyone’s mind.  From sneeze guards and face masks to physical distancing and limits on head count, our stores, offices, buildings and restaurants have taken steps to insure we slow the spread of Covid-19.

So far as signage goes, I mainly see paper signs printed out on office paper.  The occasional really heartfelt, hand drawn signs saying things like “we [heart] our customers” or expressing gratitude to healthcare workers are my personal favorites.

In order to meet the needs of businesses as personnel return Green Dot Sign® now offers many different signs helping achieve workplace safety on Amazon and our site. Signs are made using sustainably harvested, U.S. grown, FSC® 100% aspen and aspects of our patent pending 3D printing technology.  Using parts of our 3D printing process for flat printing to wood makes for super crisp printing.  The combination creates a beautiful biophilic sign appropriate for a wide range of business decor.  If you go to Amazon and enter “green dot signs sustainable” our products will pop up for purchase or you get them on our COVID-19 Safety Signs page.

All signs are available in either a wall mount version or standing version.

Tape on back of signstanding sign, counter top








However, we know not everyone has the ability to make extra purchases right now so we are making all designs free to download on this page. You should be able to download and print them easily.

List of Free Covid-19 Signs

I hope these free Covid-19 signs can help some people out. Just click the links below to download files.

Attention Visitors Do Not Enter if You Are Sick Sign

DO NOT ENTER Quarantine Area Sign

Door Closed Sign

No More Then One Person at a Time Sign

Face Masks Required Sign

NOTICE We Are Social Distancing Sign

Please Use Sanitizer Sign

Please Wash Hands for 20 Seconds Sign

STOP Someone Here Has Complex Medical Needs Sign

Thank You For Maintaining 6 Foot Spacing Sign

Thank You For Social Distancing Sign

Thank You For Wearing Face Masks Sign

Wash for 20 Seconds Sign

We Thank Our Health Care Workers Sign

Please Wait on Floor Markings Sign

Please Wait Behind Line Sign

Please Minimize Visit Length Sign

Please Leave Packages at Door Sign

Notice Visitors Will be Health Screened Sign

NOTICE Touch Points Cleaned Frequently Sign

NOTICE Staff Are Health Screened Sign

NOTICE Please Stay Home if You Are Sick Sign

No More Then Two People at a Time Sign

NOTICE High Traffic Areas Cleaned Frequently Sign

Face Masks Encouraged Sign

Visitors by Appointment Only Sign

We Follow a Covid Safety Plan Sign

Thank You for Covering Coughs and Sneezes Sign

If you have suggestions for additional free Covid-19 sign content please send us an email at and I’ll create new files to share as time allows.  If you have good photos of hand drawn signs feel free to include them, too, and maybe we can make a little montage.

Covid has been hard for everyone, me included.  The isolation and change to routine just plain sucks. To get through this we all need to be on the same team.  I pray our world can come together with respect and gratitude as guiding principles to work on treatments and effective vaccines for every human on this rock, rather than letting a virus sweep through our communities like we’re beasts.