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Ecosia: A Search Engine that Plants Trees by Browsing

Don’t miss this Outstanding Way to Effortlessly Plant Trees: Browsing with Ecosia

Earlier this year I learned about Ecosia, a web browser that uses ad revenue to plant trees. Switching to Ecosia on my laptop and cell phone was easy and it feels good to watch the number of trees my activity plants grow over time. I’m at 816 trees!

1. If you want to take daily steps that improve our planet, using Ecosia is a great option. Here are five benefits of the company to consider:

1. After travelling throughout South America, Ecosia’s founder “decided to plant trees because trees are really awesome”
2. Ecosia was founded in Germany in 2009 and has evolved to include many of the features of well-known search engines
3. It takes about 45 searches for Ecosia to plant one tree
4. A monthly financial report confirms that Ecosia donates at least eighty percent of its profit to tree planting
5. Ecosia’s goal is to plant one billion trees worldwide. Trees are planted in places like Brazil, Indonesia, Kenya, Madagascar, and Uganda

2. To make Ecosia your default search engine in Google Chrome, take the following steps:

1. Open an internet browser window
2. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner
3. Select Settings, then scroll down to and select Manage Search Engines
4. Under Other Search Engines Add Ecosia
5. Select Ecosia as your default search engine

You can also visit their site and simply click to download the Chrome extension.

There are more detailed, written instructions and YouTube videos available on the web. Check them out if you’d like to watch someone go through these steps or need to change from a different browser. For your phone, te easiest way to search via Ecosia is to download the Ecosia app from the App Store.

Ecosia’s positive environmental impact is inspiring, and it is reassuring to know there are easy actions we can all take to combat the climate crisis.