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Sustainable ADA Signs Diminish Plastic Use

PRESS RELEASE: Green Dot Sign® now offering cost-effective, sustainable ADA signs as an alternative to polluting plastic braille office signs. 

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Main Office Sign. Made of 100% FSC® wood and ADA compliant

After the success of their groundbreaking sustainable ADA compliant interior signs, Green Dot Sign® is now offering a more affordable and adaptable option than ever before: Low profile sustainable ADA signs.

The low profile sustainable ADA signs signs cost the same or less upfront than their leading ADA plastic counterparts. Even better, all Green Dot Sign® office signs are made of real responsibly-harvested wood. Nearly 95% biodegradable and renewable by weight, every sign reduces plastic consumption by 250 grams versus a traditional ADA sign.

Nussbaum started considering environmentally-friendly manufacturing methods and products while working at his prior sign company. The idea to create signage from a wood base and non-toxic 3D printed material for lettering, braille, and pictograms was sparked by a seeing braille sign with a printed wood background. “I noticed a trend in room signs to use printed faux wood or real wood veneer behind plastic and thought, why not get rid of the plastic?”

As Nussbaum committed to making sustainable ADA signs, he decided to “reduce plastic use, consolidate production steps, and highlight the beauty of real wood grain to make some darn beautiful signs.” 

The new sustainable ADA signs design has a sleeker construction than its predecessor, with only a ⅛ to ¼ inch thickness. These dimensions place the new low-profile sign into direct competition with the traditional industry choice, plastic ADA signs. However, while the wood and plastic options may be comparable regarding aesthetics, the latest Green Dot Sign® creation is more gentle on your wallet and the earth. 

As a permanently installed product, a Green Dot Sign® can contribute to the U.S. Green Building Council’s (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) credits. Becoming certified in these and other sustainable initiatives is a smart investment for organizations. Incorporating Green Dot Sign® low-profile office signs and other green elements into your projects is a smart investment that will help your organization save money, stay healthy, and preserve the environment.

The breakthrough sustainable ADA signs innovation of Green Dot Sign® offers a fresh alternative to commercial real estate professionals and other public building managers. Low profile sustainable ADA signs and other Green Dot Sign® products fill the void for green building contractors with customizable, aesthetic, and eco-friendly solutions to construction needs. 

By offering easy online ordering of unique, eco-friendly, and innovative ADA signs, Green Dot Sign® is gaining traction in the signage industry and hopes to push the signage, design, and construction industries to be more sustainable. 




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Green Dot Sign® utilizes a unique, patent-pending process to manufacture braille ADA-compliant room and door signs. Our process direct bonds 3D printed raised elements to a real wood base, making signs that are stunningly beautiful and eco-friendly. All our standard signs are FSC® 100%, so they preserve real forests, deliver value to rural areas and can contribute to LEED v4.1 credits. We provide signage nationwide directly to end users as well as work closely with architectural and interior design firms.

Green Dot Sign® sells most signage directly via our website, where clients can choose from over 9,500 standard sign combinations of content, color, braille color and installation method. We also produce a wide variety of custom signage.

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