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ADA Restaurant Signs Feature – Iron Ranger Restaurant

2 Stunning Ways ADA Restaurant Signs Can Transform a Restaurant’s Atmosphere!

Green Dot Sign collaborated with Iron Ranger in Saint Paul, MN to enhance signage in their existing restaurant space and make signs for their new event space.

Iron Ranger Owner by ADA Signage1. Wood Interior Design

During an interview, Tom Forti, Iron Ranger’s owner, and Simon of Green Dot Sign, agreed that the new signs tied-in well with the other wooden restaurant features. “I brought wood into Iron Ranger’s décor because it reminds me of cabins in northern Minnesota and I like the atmosphere it creates,” Forti explained.

Tom then added, “I like that Green Dot Sign products are classy, clean, and easy to read.”

2. Restroom Signs

Since opening a year and a half ago Iron Ranger’s staff have directed many customers to bathrooms, which are not obviously located. Forti was happy to add additional directional restroom signs because customers can now find facilities without having to ask.

ADA Signage in RestaurantGreen Dot Sign’s Customer Service

When asked to give constructive feedback, Forti said “Working with Green Dot Sign was great!  Simon was incredibly attentive, and from a customer service perspective he followed-up throughout the project while understanding that signage only one of the things I was working on.”

No Smoking ADA Signage

About Iron Ranger

Iron Ranger is a neighborhood pub in the Summit Hill neighborhood of Saint Paul. It is owned by Tom Forti and is a continuation of a family business that began over 100 years ago in the Northern Minnesota mining town of Hibbing. For more information visit