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Green Dot Sign® is the nationwide leader for innovative and sustainable custom ADA signs, office signs, and wall logos. We work closely with brands, architects, interior designers, owners and general contractors to ensure your project is a success.  Sustainable custom ADA signage is more then just naturally beautiful.  It also communicates your organizations’ values and commitment to a shared future and brings the beauty of natural materials to built environments.

Why Custom Room & Door Signage?

Custom ADA signs provide a branding opportunity at every doorway.  Additionally, biophilic design materials, such as those Green Dot Sign® uses, increase employee creativity, relieve stress, and increase retention.  With our custom ADA signs your organization can create an emotional connection – to design and to nature.

Consider this –
Will the condo with a typical plastic gray and white unit number sign or a thoughtfully designed and developed custom ADA sign sell faster?

There’s nothing we love more then when a client holds our signs, the eyebrow goes up, and they say “Wow!”. We are constantly making new, contemporary sign designs.  To check out some of our favorite custom ADA signs please see our Pinterest posts.


The sky’s the limit when it comes to beautiful, sustainable custom ADA signs!

Green Dot Sign® can quote custom signs that meet your designer’s specifications or provide collaborative design services.

Common Custom ADA Signage Elements:

  • Size and shape
  • Use of flat and raised printing individually and in combination
  • Font color and size
  • Wood species and stains
  • Natural stones
  • Metal accent elements

Custom Office Sign Types:

  • FSC® 100% architectural elements
  • Wall mounted logos
  • Slide-in room or door names and/or number signs
  • Hanging and informational signs
  • Informational signs
  • Directories
  • Menus
  • Dimensional letters for interior and exterior use

ADA Compliance

ADA signs are required by law, but they are not required to be ugly. We use in house developed, patent pending, 3D printing technology for custom ADA and other signage.  It bonds braille and tactile characters directly to natural materials without adhesives or secondary processes.  These elements meet all federal ADA standards and are far more gentle on our planet.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for custom made ADA signs to not actually meet requirements as set by federal and state laws. Well-intentioned graphic designers, who may not be fully versed in legal requirements, sometimes also do not specify signs that meet the nuance if of the 2010 ADA Design Standards.

Fast Customization 

Some clients prefer to keep things simple and fast but still need custom content.  For these, we offer several online sign making products.  You can type in the content you want, see it on screen, choose a color and place your order fast.  The style matches all our standard signs so your whole facility is consistent. Our standard signage uses bright FSC® 100% aspen, working well many contemporary design styles.


If you are a sign shop, sign installer, or distributor you may qualify for our wholesale ADA signage terms.  Please reach out to discuss a partnership for ready to order or custom options.


If you have existing wood that is significant to your organization we can re-purpose it for new building signage, including custom ADA signs. This is an eco-savvy way to move into your future while remembering and honoring your past. Reuse also keeps carbon locked in the old wood, and will often bring out beautiful wood grain from huge trees that are simply no longer available.

We have many ways of reworking site significant wood beyond custom ADA room signs.  These include wall logos, informational displays, directories, podium signs and more.  If you have the wood, we’ll find a beautiful way to bring it into your new new construction or building remodelling project.

A preliminary step for site significant wood reuse is to inspect the wood via photos or wood samples to confirm how it can best be used.  Please give us a call or reach out with the Form below to start the process.


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