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What is Vinyl?  Vinyl refers to plastics based on polyvinyl-chloride, also referred to as PVC. Vinyl is a popular polymer plastic that can be found almost anywhere you look, from children’s toys to IV lines. Usually, PVC refers to the stiff and strong uses such as PVC pipes. Vinyl characterizes the floppy vinyl records, flexible […]

Eyewash station sign

Basic Guide to Eyewash Stations and Eyewash Station Signs Answers to common eyewash station questions & eyewash station signs What are eyewash stations? Eyewash stations contain both an eyewash sink and shower designed to flush chemicals from the eyes and face.  Any workplace holding hazardous materials, especially corrosive chemicals, is required to have eyewash stations […]

Free Covid-19 signs

Free Covid-19 Signs, Print at Home or Office As we tentatively get back to work safety is on everyone’s mind.  From sneeze guards and face masks to physical distancing and limits on head count, our stores, offices, buildings and restaurants have taken steps to insure we slow the spread of Covid-19. So far as signage […]

ADA Sign Wash Hands

Architects, interior designers, and building project managers select and document certain types or brands of a material, design, product or service for their projects.  This process of detailing requirements is called specification. It establishes a contract for high-quality, accurate construction that meets the designer’s intent and their client’s interests.  While some building professionals regularly research […]

ADA Sign Selection

Does sustainability impact your purchase decision? Environmental sustainability and human health and well-being have become prominent purchase decision considerations.  The media has widely discussed this consumer trend in the food and fashion industries. However, green buildings and environmentally responsible building materials and products have not received much attention. This means that facilities buyers could remain […]

ADA Restaurant Signs

2 Stunning Ways ADA Restaurant Signs Can Transform a Restaurant’s Atmosphere! Green Dot Sign collaborated with Iron Ranger in Saint Paul, MN to enhance signage in their existing restaurant space and make signs for their new event space. 1. Wood Interior Design During an interview, Tom Forti, Iron Ranger’s owner, and Simon of Green Dot […]

ADA Sign mounted on wall

5 Easy ADA Sign Mounting Tips to Pass Regulation Guaranteed Are you about to order new ADA-compliant signs for your offices and want to make sure they are mounted correctly? We understand that no one wants to install signs at the wrong height or location. Here are answers to the most commonly asked questions. Rest […]

Braille All Gender Restroom Sign

Top 5 Braille Signage Questions Green Dot Sign answers to common ADA sign questions. Braille Signs & ADA Braille Requirements 1. What is braille? Braille is a tactile reading and writing system used by blind and visually impaired people who would not otherwise have access to printed materials.  This system uses raised dots to represent […]

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ADA Signage FAQ – Top 5 Based on a decade of braille signage experience, the experts at Green Dot Sign answer common ADA sign questions. ADA Signage Requirements, Compliance & Violations 1. What is an ADA sign? Exit, bathroom, and handicap parking are all examples of ADA signage, which are architectural signs that use braille […]

all gender bathroom sign

Why All Gender Restrooms (and Associated ADA Signage) Matter Top questions about Bathroom Bills, unisex bathrooms, and braille signage pictogram options. What is an All Gender Bathroom?   All gender, gender neutral, and unisex restrooms can by used by anyone. In the last decade, the quantity of all gender restrooms has significantly increased. This change […]

Signs that minimize environmental impact and maximize visual impact

Green Office Door Signs Positively Impacting Our Planet   Given the complexity of our climate crisis, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and question if small improvements can make a difference.  Simon and I have wondered if environmentally friendly office signs are a drop in the bucket and worth the effort – to ourselves and […]

Live Edge Wood Sign - Custom ADA Room Sign

Room Number Signs Made of Live Edge Wood Live edge wood signs are a unique way to bring nature into your office interior. What is live edge wood? Live edge wood keeps one or more edges of a piece of lumber unfinished so you see the grain and shape of the wood just as it […]

Sexy braille sign

Unique, Modern, Beautiful, Braille Signs If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve googled braille signs, restroom signs, ADA signs or something similar.  Did you notice that the signs available are basically all blue plastic signs with white content? Maybe for variety there’s a black sign or a grey sign.  Spend a day walking around and […]

Installing ADA Signs

Installing ADA Signs Like a Pro Are you about to order new door signs for your offices and feel a little unsure about how to install them? We here at Green Dot Sign® understand completely.  After putting time and money into ordering signage, installing signs crooked or in the wrong location is something no one […]