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Green Dot Sign in the News
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What is Vinyl?  Vinyl refers to plastics formed from polyvinyl-chloride, also referred to as PVC. Vinyl is a popular polymer plastic that can be found almost anywhere you look, from children’s toys to IV lines. Usually, PVC refers to the stiff and strong uses such as PVC pipes, whereas vinyl characterizes the floppy vinyl records, […]

St. Paul Youth Climate Strike

What is the Climate Strike & Why is it Important? The Climate Strike is a youth-led international effort sparked by Greta Thunberg. The movement demands swift climate action such as transitioning from fossil fuels to 100% renewable energy. Approximately four million people participated in September 20, 2019 protests. Messaging emphasized the harm our hotter planet […]

Turtle and Trash

Sparking Climate Change Action: Inspiration from the USGBC Living Standard Report   While 40% of Americans say the environment is one of their biggest concerns for the future, only 23% view the environment as one of their biggest concerns today.   This U.S. Public Opinion Research Report finding stood out during a 2019 talk by […]

Signs that minimize environmental impact and maximize visual impact

Green Office Door Signs Positively Impact Our Planet   Given the complexity of our climate crisis, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and question if small improvements really can make a difference. As small business owners raising two young children, Simon and I have often wondered if environmentally-friendly office signs are just a drop in […]