Beautiful Signs for a Better Planet

About Us


Green Dot Sign was founded by Simon and Gretchen Nussbaum in Saint Paul, Minnesota.  We believe that environmental complacence is no longer an option.

Traditional ADA-compliant signs pollute. Signage production often results in up to 50% material waste which is immediately disposed of. These scrap materials and finished signs, that are thrown away when buildings are renovated or torn down, usually end up in a landfill.  The plastics used in braille signage don’t biodegrade, this means that almost every interior office room and door sign you’ve ever seen leaves a big mess for future generations to deal with.

It’s time be responsible and face global climate challenges head on.  Green Dot Sign aims to push the signage industry to manufacture more sustainably. Making green office signage is the right thing to do for our planet and future generations.


Hi, Simon here.  At my previous sign business the team was sorting accumulated scrap and there was a big piece of polycarbonate I finally decided to throw out. As two of us put it in the dumpster, I had a vision of all this plastic sitting in a landfill completely unchanged hundreds of years from now and was sick to my stomach.

The signage industry makes durable, custom products designed to last for a very long time.  I started thinking about how to change this practice and noticed an ADA room sign trend to use printed faux wood or real wood veneer behind plastic. I thought, why not get rid of the plastic?

Reduce plastic use, consolidate production steps, and highlight wood grain to make some damn beautiful signs. I had my “why”.

I started to put the pieces together to manufacture environmentally responsible ADA room signs.  After intensive trial and error, I made signs to look more beautiful then any other ADA sign I had ever seen.  Then I worked on the cost to get it right for the mass market and had my “how”.

Now we are gaining steam on the “who”, by which I mean you.  Thank you for visiting our website, and considering Green Dot Sign’s products.

We make over 10,000 Ready to Order Sign combinations that cover most common ADA room sign needs.  We also make lots of room number signs and Custom Signs Please reach out with any questions and we can see if Green Dot Sign is the right sign vendor for your  organization.  


Green Dot Sign is growing and looking for skilled and hard-working team members with passion for sustainability and craftsmanship, and a strong sense of integrity. Watch for specific production, customer service, and marketing position postings. In the meantime, drop us a message with your resume and be sure to note if you have ADA room sign or sustainable manufacturing experience.