Beautiful Signs for a Better Planet

About Us


Green Dot Sign® uses natural materials to make sustainable ADA signage and provide an alternative to traditional, plastic office signs. Via a patent-pending, low-waste manufacturing process we 3D print raised ADA compliant sign content directly to responsibly sourced wood and other natural materials. From third-party verification of room and door sign contents to an end-of-life recycling program our mission is to make beautiful signs for a better planet.


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Hi, Simon here. At my previous sign business, the team was sorting scrap and there was a big piece of polycarbonate plastic. As two people hefted it in the dumpster, I had a vision of all this plastic sitting in a landfill completely unchanged hundreds of years from now. The idea that I was making a living, in part, by causing a mess for future generations was not acceptable.  

The signage industry makes durable, custom products that pollute from start to finish. Signage production often results in up to 50% wasted material. At end of life, most signs go to a landfill. The plastics used in braille signage don’t biodegrade. Almost every braille sign you’ve ever seen, even if it was 30 years ago, is either in a landfill unchanged or swishing around as microplastics in our waterways. 

While I was wrestling with this, I noticed an ADA room sign trend to use printed faux wood or real wood veneer behind plastic. I thought, why not just get rid of the plastic?

Reduce plastic use, consolidate production steps, and make some beautiful signs.

I had Green Dot Sign’s “why”.

Our “how” developed as I put steps and materials together for sustainable manufacturing. After more than a year of development, I created beautiful, durable signs. Better yet, we can offer our unique product at the same price point as other high-quality U.S. made ADA signage. 

Green Dot Sign® is gaining steam on the “who” and “when”, by which I mean you and now. We are committed to your success and work hard to earn your business.  Whether it’s one sign or your master specification, talking to you is an honor. Please contact us anytime.


Green Dot Sign® is growing and looking for skilled and hardworking team members. We enjoy working with individuals who have a passion for sustainability and craftsmanship, and a strong sense of integrity.

Watch for specific production, customer service, and marketing position postings. In the meantime, drop us a message with your resume. Be sure to note if you have ADA room signage or general sign and graphics manufacturing experience.