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From consultative ADA signage needs evaluation, to sign design, fabrication, and installation, we’re ready to handle any part or all of your project.

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Green Dot Sign® is happy to answer ADA and wayfinding sign questions. To help you, our sign experts have compiled certification, ADA compliance, installation, and specification information.

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Over 50% of ADA sign design packages are NOT compliant. Green Dot Sign® provides feedback on your sign design for free. Contact us today for a no obligation, confidential review.



“Green Dot Sign® is out to change how we view signage, with products made from more sustainable natural materials.”



“Braille teachers and students learning Braille found Green Dot Sign’s Braille easy to read, clear to the touch, and more discernible than much of what they encounter in public spaces.”

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Custom ADA Signs“Working with Green Dot Sign has been as easy as it could have possibly been. Great communication and follow-through from start to finish. And I love the signs themselves!”
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Restroom Sign“Working with Simon was great! He was incredibly attentive, and from a customer service perspective he followed up throughout the project while understanding that signage was only one of the things I was working on.”             Tom Forti, Iron Ranger


Almost every sign you see is primarily derived from fossil fuels.  The plastics used for signs are almost all non-biodegradable, and HARD to recycle in the best of cases, even before ink, paint or adhesives are added.  Producing signage has a high waste rate since sheet goods are used with reductive manufacturing techniques at low volume in comparison to other manufactured products.

What does this add up to?  The sign on your wall was made from 100,000,000 year old fossil fuels so it could hang on your wall for 3 – 10 years, after that it will go to a landfill where it will sit and not biodegrade for – literally – who knows how long.  Maybe another 100,000,000 years.  Or more.  And for every pound of finished sign, there’s often another pound thrown out during manufacturing.

We can do better then plastic, and that’s what Green Dot Sign® is doing.

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